Biographer Walter Isaacson, who wrote a book about Steve Jobs, admitted that softened the truth in some interviews the founder of Apple. According to him, jobs often criticized the current head of the company Tim cook, accusing him that he is indifferent to Apple products.

It is no secret that Apple is experiencing a crisis. Not only that, iPhones ceased to cause awe and wonder and not sold so well as before. In July of 2019 left the company chief designer Jonathan Ive, whose close collaboration with Steve jobs gave the world the most iconic Apple products including the iPhone, iPod and iPad.

One of the unofficial reasons why Ive decided to leave, are creative differences with the current Apple CEO Tim cook, replaced Steve jobs after his death from pancreatic cancer in 2011. Unlike the company’s founder, who put the design of the gadgets at the forefront, cook prefers operating activities Apple, in fact, abandoning the precepts of Steve jobs.

The flames were fanned by the famous biographer Walter Isaacson, who published in 2011 a book called “Steve jobs” based on an interview with himself, visionary, and his / her relatives, friends, colleagues and rivals. It is worth noting that this is the only biography of jobs written with his active assistance. It was published 19 days after the death of the inventor at the age of 56 years.

In an interview with CNBC, Isaacson admitted that “a little softened the truth”, when told in his book about Tim Cook, chosen by jobs as his successor.

The writer says that jobs often criticized cook and foretold the company’s crisis.

“In my book Steve [jobs] says that Tim cook is capable and can do anything. Then he looked up at me and said, “Tim is indifferent to our products”. Sometimes when he was in pain and was angry, Steve could add other things,” said Isaacson, adding that he decided to write the book, only those aspects which are of interest to readers.

The biographer also commented on the relationship of Steve jobs and Jonathan Ive, which, according to him, were very close.

“Every day, when jobs visited the office in Cupertino, he definitely was in a big locked door that leads to the design Studio. He came inside and kicked everyone out. After that he sat down with johnny at the table. Together they are not just trying to get a feel of the phone, but every connector, every button, every wire connection. Jobs was a product person to the bone,” says Isaacson.

According to the writer, now in the face of Apple, he sees a company that’s doing well, but at its helm are missing two soul mates who have lived the beauty of the gadgets.

“I think designers should report directly to cook… and he needs to visit the design Studio at least once a week”, — concluded the writer.

According to the Wall Street Journal, a group of designers headed by Jonathan Ive, was unhappy that the current leadership is “ruining the magic of food”, which created jobs. Myself Ive been “depressed” Tim cook, who “showed no interest in product development” and did not put design at the forefront, focusing on functional features. In addition, he almost did not attend the Studio Quince — some sources reported that the CEO saw first-hand the new Apple gadgets almost on the eve of their public presentation.

After this publication, Tim cook gave an official review, calling the WSJ material is “absurd.”

“This publication is absurd. The information and conclusions are not true.

In fact, the material lacks a basic understanding of how a design team and Apple. This story distorts relationships, decisions and events so that it is impossible to know the company in question,” said Tim cook.

He added that the current design team “phenomenally talented” and therefore, will flourish in any direction.

“We know the truth and know what amazing achievements they are capable of. The projects on which they now work as a major surprise,” — said the head of the company.

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