Useful tips from a former employee operators.

A former employee of contact centers leading Russian operators said the MTS, “Beeline”, “MegaFon” and Tele2 can avoid accidental connection of paid services and subscriptions, which the Russians constantly complain. According to the specialist, it is important to remember a few rules, as in themselves operators do not connect the paid services without reason.

Specialist contact centre and leading Russian operators said that contrary to popular belief, MTS, Beeline, MegaFon and Tele2 do not connect a paid subscription just like that, when they want. Officer called the topic “sick” because of complaints of “sudden” subscriptions among subscribers of the leading operators really many they appear in a huge number every day.

The ex-employee said that in order to limit yourself from the unknown paid subscriptions, you need to know for what reason they often appear. The main reasons are four:

  • Visiting “adult sites”. These sites popping up regularly the banner ads in most cases get a paid subscription (only for Android smartphones).
  • Download from various web sites. The problem is the same as with “adult” sites — banners on sites-file sharing sites are often malicious.
  • Pop-up notifications from the operators themselves. These alerts can come straight to your smartphone in the form of pop-UPS. After the appearance of this window is a former employee of the Russian operators recommends that you check the current connected to the subscription application of the operator on the phone.
  • Ignorance of the terms of the tariffs. Many tariff plans are immediately spelled out the connection of paid services, either immediately or after a certain time. These services more often and become a “surprise” for subscribers, although their connection is specified in the fare rules, said the employee operators. In this regard, it is important to learn the rules of connected rate.
  • Ex-employee operators stressed that “everything, everything paid subscription are connected by the subscribers, with the exception of occasional technical failures”. Thus, according to the specialist, if to monitor their own activity on the Internet and read the fare rules, connections paid subscriptions will be avoided.

    Source: Pikabu.


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