A presentation of the extraordinary music album of the year — “Against the stream” singer Darina 7 November in the restaurant “Light” will bring together the stars of Russian show business, actors and musicians, to congratulate the participants of “Glast in Bulgaria” and show “New star 2020” Darin with the release of the original acoustic album. The creative Darina cooperation with renowned Russian and foreign authors, recording albums for EMI/Gala Records, a duet with Dima Bilan. Early songs (“It was love”, “Without you I can’t”) was ahead of its time, was something fresh and unusual in our show business. Was no exception and the new album. Darina decided to record absolutely “pop” songs accompanied by piano, strings— tion Quartet and Cajon. Such an interesting sound — not only creative experiment on the disk.

The album will be released not only on the digital platforms (Apple Music, Google play, Boom, Yandex. Music, etc.), but also on CD and vinyl that emphasizes its intimate and warm sound.

As guests at the presentation is expected to colleagues and friends Darina: Stas Piekha, Nikita Malinin, Yuri Titov, Yulia Beretta, and many others.

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