Apple has again problems with the production.

Authoritative Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty stated that the available 6.1-inch iPhone 9 will go on sale in October. According to her, the delay will be caused by problems with the production of innovative illumination systems, which is used in the display of the smartphone to reduce the framework.

Production of the iPhone 9 was delayed for a month due to problems with the production of led backlighting for LED-displays of the new generation. The unique type of illumination 6.1-inch iPhone 9 will receive a full almost completely edge-to-edge display in iPhone style X.

Date of presentation of the iPhone 9 remained unchanged. The smartphone will be launched along with the flagship iPhone 11 and 11 iPhone Plus in September (forecast of the exact date). The new Apple smartphones with OLED displays will go on sale in the second half of September and the iPhone 9 in October.

Experts believe that the delay should not adversely affect sales of the iPhone 9. The smartphone is said to be a real hit. It will have the updated design, like the iPhone X to support high-precision scanning feature, face Face ID, and a reduced price compared to the flagship. Polls show that fans of Apple waiting for iPhone 9, more than other new models.

Source: 9to5Mac.


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