American lawyer and well-known political activist Ralph Nader wrote Tim cook an open letter in which he made unsolicited recommendations for the management of Apple and where to invest the “extra” billions.

First, Ralph Nader, has criticized Apple’s plans to repurchase its own shares in the amount of $ 100 billion. In his opinion, these funds should be directed to extension staff:

“This money could be used to increase the number of employees. This money could be used to strengthen the pension Fund,” says Nader, about the tools that Apple is going to spend on the repayment of own shares.

Other, no less worthy activities that seem to improve ways of recycling old smartphones, the growth of financing of research and development, and increase dividends for shareholders.

Nader acknowledges that Apple has done much to improve working conditions and far advanced in matters of recycling, but believes that the company can do better.

He notes that employees of companies-partners of Apple in China working under severe circumstances:

“The level of income that Chinese workers get, working on a lot of pressure on the part of the contractor, is not a living wage even for China”.

Nader says that still uses a typewriter underwood, not iPhone or Mac. According to him, the Corporation may only to record revenue from inflated prices on their own products, but she has no idea how to use these gadgets productively.

Not the first time a politician makes a public criticism of Tim cook. In the past his position has not found support, and the said Ralph was hit by a wave of negativity. It is not excluded that such a scenario be repeated this time.


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