Ready Volgograd retailers and carriers to technologies of the 21st century
Despite the low level of income, the rotor is actively keeping pace with the times — carried out by experts study proof. The residents of our city are more active than the residents of many other Russian cities use modern Internet technologies. But is Volgograd service providers and carriers to the technologization?
Maria Romashchenko (@masha_pushka) is representative of a new generation of entrepreneurs. Its mission is to bring in people’s life celebration. Along with a team of like-minded girl organized in Volgograd dozens of successful events, including the great food festival “Delicious!Market”, contemporary art festival PIPL FEST. These event-experiments have United thousands of visitors, exhibitors and partners. And today, the girl herself decided to experiment.

Smartphone for me is almost the last thing I see before I sleep and the first — which take up, Wake up, — said Masha. I use it to communicate with people, communication, entertainment and search of the road. I buy and sell things with it, know the date, mark the places, plan your day and travel. He was the first who greets me in the morning and lifts to work. It all contacts, business correspondence in messengers and discuss our projects in social networks. I keep the Internet on Google-drive Google-spreadsheets all the projects and ideas. In fact, I can live with only a smartphone pocket. I wonder if our city is to modern payment methods, and what online services are already available to the rotor.
Ten applications for all occasions
Now rarely you see someone near the kiosk with the press (grandma’s not in the bill), a man on the road who catches a taxi, or the beloved, which is exciting waiting for his date, looking at your watch. The need in any of these urban rituals disappears when the pocket have a smartphone and a set of desired applications.
All discount cards on my phone in the app “Wallet”. Fortunately, Volgograd retailers they easily accept. And instead of thousands of bills using Apple Pay. Most of my purchases I make through him. Whether it’s a Cup of coffee in his favorite coffee shop or food at the supermarket. In most of the Volgograd shops (especially network) supported contactless payment. The main thing that the card has enough money, — Masha laughs.

Managed to pay for a gadget, even the public transport. In the first bus conductor met a girl offer to pay by Bank transfer is absolutely fine. It turned out that a rotor has long enjoyed this capability. Masha only had to attach your smartphone to the validator. To pay the fare with your phone is quite real in high-speed trams and trolley buses, but taxis while lagging. Without cash payment the driver “threw out” the girl in the cold at the next stop. But Mary did not panic and called a taxi through a mobile application, which is itself determined its location.

— Through “Yandex. Taxi” in Volgograd do you can quickly make custom machine comes in for 10 minutes even in the most remote area. Through the online map “2GIS” I move around the city — all the main sites marked, and in maps MAPS.ME I plan the route even abroad. Services online booking help purchase airplane and railway tickets, book hotels. For example, now we book a spring vacation in Asia through the application AGODA. I tried to keep my expenses in an app on the smartphone, but yet this only happens in travel.

Instead of visiting the gym and fitness classes Mary counts the steps in a mobile tracker that monitors calories and amount of water in the body and every day involved with global “stars” of the sport.

Smartphone is my personal trainer and a gym in the pocket. I train using the Nike Training Club app, and in the evenings and in the morning, meditating under the tracks from Sound Cloud. What else the smartphone has replaced in my life? The usual trips to the cinema, theatres, museums — all have been in my mobile phone. Smartphone is my pocket DJ and the world of cinema. In it I store the passport data, end, alarm, calculator and mp3 player. Left to teach a smartphone to think for me. No wait, it already gives advice, shares the latest news and recalls meetings.

To survive in Volgograd without money, according to Maria Romashchenko, was quite simple. Main thing is to have a stable Internet connection and a high-quality signal.
In mobile all of my friends and plans for the day, week, month. He travels with me in Russia and the world, as my mobile operator. With MegaFon we have long-standing cordial relations. It supports our projects and integrates them with interesting content: interactive areas and great speakers. Now I myself on this statement. It provides me a stable Internet connection, unlimited messenger and YouTube. I think with such assistants I will not be lost in any modern metropolis.

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