Apparently, the updated iPhone SE 2 will not.

Apple should not expect the new compact smartphone, said an analyst at BlueFin Research Gordon Donovan. According to him, Apple has abandoned plans to release iPhone SE 2 because of the desire to focus buyers ‘ attention on the three latest smartphones in the style of iPhone X, which will be presented in September.

Over the past year about iPhone SE 2 have been a lot of rumors, many of which were supported by leaks. In particular, various sources published schematic image of the smartphone, and sometimes live shots of the new items. Analyst Gordon Donovan believes that some of the leaks were indeed true and Apple actually planned to launch the iPhone 2 SE.

But in the end Apple has a change of heart. Together with the launch of the iPhone 9, iPhone 11 and 11 Plus iPhone company has completely switched to the production of smartphones with the latest design in the style iPhone X. it is Expected that all three products will receive a full-length displays the minimum framework. On the old form factor, so Apple will forget.

Because of the decision to permanently move to a new design and Apple has abandoned plans to release iPhone 2 SE. New compact smartphone not only looked outdated, but would distract fans from small smartphones new models.

Earlier it became known that Apple plans to stop selling the original iPhone SE this fall. Amid leaks iPhone SE to cheapen the Russian retailers.


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