MOSCOW, 6 Dec. /TASS/. Some modern IT company has too much market power, so their powers should be limited. Such opinion on Thursday before the international session “Social and ethical challenges in the era of digitalization”, organized by TASS, the forum “step into the future: artificial intelligence and the digital economy”, said German expert in the field of Internet, e-business, social networking, and IT security Tim Cole.

According to him, for example, Amazon today controls almost a quarter of the market, because of what too much power is concentrated in the hands of one company. “I think we should break his monopoly, it is necessary to establish new control rules. Amazon has shops, payment systems and private infrastructure, no company should have the right to have such power,” he said.

Cole also added that we should monitor the activities of companies such as Google, Facebook and Apple. “We need to set limiting rules that we want them to have, and force them to do it,” — said the expert.

The second international scientific forum “step into the future: artificial intelligence and the digital economy” takes place and the State University of management on 6 and 7 December. It was attended by 1500 prominent scientists, experts of international IT community and students from Russia, Brazil, Vietnam, Germany, Greece, India, China, Laos, Netherlands, USA Finland, France, South Africa and other countries. The forum program covers a wide range of issues and problems related to the digital economy and artificial intelligence, including social and ethical challenges in the era of digitization. TASS acts as information partner of the event.

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