Chief editor of the magazine “Mobile telecommunications” in the air NSN said that “Yandex. The phone” will not compete with Apple. Smartphones “Yandex. Phone” ended in the retail networks of Russia, writes “Kommersant”. The sale started December 6, 2018, the total for 11 months was sold 18 thousand smartphones. Clarifies that the phone was a niche product. Yandex is considering options for the development areas, but has not yet announced the release of a new version of the smartphone. Chief editor of the magazine “Mobile telecommunications” Leontiy Bukstein in the air NSN told about creation in Russia the ecosystem “Yandex” with a claim to universality. “I think it [the issue of “Yandex. Phone“] element of the promotion part of the marketing policy of the company. If they remained at the level of a search engine and email, I would have forgotten, because other enough. We already have the “Yandex. Food”, “Yandex. Taxi”, “Yandex. Cards” now “Yandex. Smartphone“. It creates a kind of ecosystem of “Yandex”, he introduced the heads of the consumers as a versatile company providing all services,” said Bukstein. Fit: “Yandex” will save the rejection of the law of important Internet resources the Initial price of the phone from the company “Yandex” was 17 990 rubles. In parallel, the sales were conducted as “Yandex. Market” and “M. Video-Eldorado” stores, “VimpelCom”, online store “Take”, DNS, and others. Demand was weak in February 2019, the price of the smartphone was reduced to four thousand roubles, since June, the network began to sell it for 9 990 rubles, and from August 7 990. The source NSN believes that “Yandex” does not seek to compete in the smartphone market. “I don’t think that “Yandex” is going to compete with someone like Apple, Huawei, Honor. For Russia, selling 18 thousand smartphones a year is nothing, but that is not stale on the shelves that’s good. The company just revealed that it is on this market too. In our country we have sold hundreds of thousands of models, and some even for hundreds of thousands of rubles, so it is unlikely they wanted to break into the top three. At the scale of the total sales of smartphones they most likely just didn’t notice. I have never seen, even in the reviews on the phones that we send to the editors, they were absent. This, I think, was an experiment that gave a positive effect, because in the information space topic raised, that was the goal,” explained Leontiy Bukstein. Earlier the General Director of “Yandex” Elena Bunin said that the bill on important information resource will lead to an outflow of valuable personnel of the company and as a consequence to the cessation of development of new services.

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