SAINT PETERSBURG, September 15. /TASS/. Market live streaming services, is rapidly gaining popularity all over the world, in the short term will be shared by the six largest companies, said producer Iain Smith in the framework of the 43rd Synposium in Saint-Petersburg.

Ian Smith produced the films “Mad Max: fury Road,” “the Fifth element”, “Fountain”, “children of men” and a number of other films that have received international acclaim.

“In the near future the largest streaming services on the market will be Disney+ (Disney), Time Warner (AT&T), Flex (Comcast), Amazon Prime, Apple TV and, of course, will fight to preserve its position as Netflix, which will be difficult to compete in the industry with such major players, and therefore the company will need to concentrate on the production of original content,” said Smith.

Estimated film producer, in connection with the competition, competent strategy to promote the live streaming services will be a key success factor among users.

The next stage of development of the production of video content, according to Smith, will be the further development of the production of personalized video content, involving a narrower group of interests, e.g. geographical origin. “In turn, the major film companies will continue to produce large-scale films with a budget of more than $200 million This approach in the film industry remains the most safe from the point of view of payback,” added the film producer.

43rd Synposium held in St. Petersburg from 13 to 16 September in partnership with the city Committee on tourism development, ANO “Russian office of film commissions” and the General Assembly of the world tourism organization of the United Nations.

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