Analysts believe that Apple may raise the price of its future iPhone lineup 2019. All due to the increase in production costs for the company caused a trade war with China.

According to the British newspaper Daily Mail, now most of the Apple devices made in China. However, because of the conflict of the country with the United States, the company may be forced to move production to another location. Main contractor Apple contract manufacturer Foxconn has already stated that it is willing to transfer the Assembly of smartphones outside of China, if necessary.

The interlocutor Daily Mail says that this process will take a long time, as it would require the recruitment of large number of workers, their training and retraining. Debugging the supply chain can take from 12 to 18 months. In addition, no country in the world can compete with China on production capacity.

Due to the fact the cost of future Apple can increase by hundreds of pounds compared to what was initially planned.

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