Electric car by Kalashnikov – specific product that will interest people in Russia.

On 23 August, the concern “Kalashnikov” announced the development of its own car on electricity, with the hope that in the future he will be able to compete with Tesla.

If you believe the experts ‘ forecasts The Boston Consulting Group (BCG), by 2030 the number of hybrid cars and electric cars will account for 50% of the total number of ground transport. Accordingly, companies engaged in the automotive industry should hurry up with the release of electric cars.

“The manufacturer is ready to offer high-quality popular model in this segment for three years, has the opportunity in the future to gain a significant share of the local market at least. Already on the market electric cars go the well-known brands, and have a number of advantages over Tesla”, — explained the Director of the service “Avito Avto” Ivan GUZ.

The main advantage of the “Kalashnikov” is a system of modular control batteries. The expert believes that these innovations are not enough and the product is very niche, but can find a buyer in the Russian market.

“Car specific, but very colorful. I hope the designers of “Kalashnikov” will go beyond the concept and prepare the model for serial production”, — concluded Ivan GUZ.


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