Leading analyst Mobile Research group said on air NSN that this initiative is beneficial to the company “Yandex”.

The Federal Antimonopoly service is considering the possibility to oblige Apple to sell their products in Russia with preinstalled antiviruses Russian production. The regulator proposes to sell gadgets with domestic browsers, mapping services, instant messengers and anti-viruses. It is known that Apple does not use anti-virus software, claiming that the best defense is to work with the latest version of the software.

Leading analyst Mobile Research group Eldar Murtazin in the air NSN is not excluded that the new law may create additional problems of Apple, the Federal Antimonopoly service.

“The actions of the FAS anti-market brand, it is not clear the criteria which will determine Russian identity software. “Yandex” this software is registered to a Dutch or Swiss company. Yes, they have an office in Moscow, but Google has an office in Moscow, like the Apple in the end. Based on this, criteria are not very clear, they are for obvious reasons not made public. But, nevertheless, in an order that can happen. From Apple’s perspective, it is quite a difficult situation, they are not only distributors, so they will be compelled by law to include such programs. They obviously will resist. To date, no single virus does not exist in ios, Apple takes the responsibility to do it. Based on this, I don’t know how to get out of the FAS, and Apple. If the law is that he will have to follow. Otherwise be banned from selling their equipment on the Russian market. It is quite a possible scenario,” he said.

For a hundred rubles on the security. Why should I register my mobile device?

The source NSN suggested, who initiated the new bill, noting that if adopted, manufacturers will increase the price of their devices by at least 10%.

“A lot of questions, answer them. I think it’s a political statement, including inspired by the company “Yandex”, which wants to achieve a payment to partners that they pay for preset maps, navigation. They dream about it in 2015. It leaches money from the market in which producers, and as a result, the cost of the phone will increase. If such a law is passed, the rising price of smartphone will be 10 percent,” he added.

On 17 December it was reported that Russian companies will be obliged to support import substitution and go to the “predominant use” of the domestic software by 2022. Today, there are up to 95% foreign office and system software, more than 80% of database management systems, more than 70% of ERP-systems. At the same time, Russian production is about 80% of the virus, more than half the accounting Department.

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