Russia does not lag behind foreign IT developers freely compete around the world. But Western companies-monopolists they are trying to prevent consumers to Russian technologies. This was stated by the newspaper VIEW expert Ilya massukh. According to him, against such a monopoly and sent the new law on the preset domestic gadgets.

“This law allows our companies to openly compete with Western companies, owners of technology platforms that, in turn, still tried methods quite rude not to let domestic applications to the end user,” said Ilya massukh, head of ANO “Center of excellence for import substitution in the field of information and communication technologies”, former Deputy Minister of communications and mass communications of Russia.

“So the law in no way infringes neither Western nor Eastern company, on the contrary, it allows the user to choose the applications he wants to use. And before the app for ordinary consumers chose the owner of the platform is Microsoft, Google or Apple.” These three companies, using its monopoly position to block access to competitors, lamented the expert. “If you remember the story of Yandex, Google blocked the Yandex just on the Android platform,” reminded Massukh.

Moreover, pre-installation of Russian programs will begin only in those classes of goods which our manufacturers already have products with similar consumer properties, said the head of the Center.

“The approach is: in what classes of goods in Russia there are at least two competitive products, and those are expected to be preset. But in fact, we have practically all consumer classes have at least two products — this is a browser, mail service, and communication in social networks,” he listed the expert.

“This law shows that the President is absolutely consistent in support of Russian software developers and technology. In this area we have a good backlog. We’re not the Laggards, we have the technology, who are free to compete around the world”, — concluded the expert.

As reported by the newspaper VIEW, Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday signed a law on pre-installation of local software (software) for electronic equipment. “The sale of certain types of technically complex goods

the consumer is provided the opportunity to use these products to pre-established Russian programs for electronic computers,” — said in the text of the law published on the official Internet portal of legal information.

It is noted that the list of these goods, order preparation and maintenance of list of programs that should be preset and the algorithm of the installation will determine the government. The law shall enter into force on 1 July 2020.

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