The information security specialists came to the conclusion that all modern technology from phones to TVs suitable for the connection of wiretapping and surveillance. This function provides core ARM processors that are in all “smart” devices.

The kernel processors have a secret area where you can install a spyware program. Moreover, the owner will not even notice this, write “Izvestia”.

This area is a separate mode of the processor. Executable in this mode code has access to all the functions of the device. To connect to the device using the good chip, which will allow you to change the settings in the secret area.

But it is unlikely that the chip makers will use them to spy on people. Also, experts are confident that such chips cannot be used to ensure security.

Earlier reported that Apple has disabled storage of records of conversations of users of voice assistant Siri by default. Now to participate in the quality control program will need to include this function themselves.

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