At the moment, AirPods are some of the most popular compact wireless headphones on the market. However, the authors of the authoritative edition of Consumer Reports claim that the Apple headphones lose to competitors in terms of sound quality. For example, AirPods sound noticeably worse Galaxy Buds.

According to experts, the Apple headphones have little bass and depth of sound. This leads to the fact that at some points the instruments blend to create a feeling of congestion. The decision from Samsung on the contrary has a high-quality sound. The Galaxy Buds are bass, treble and midrange sound better than the AirPods.

As for appearance, then Consumer Reports did not distinguish a clear winner, noting that this parameter is rather subjective. So someone may like AirPods, and someone — Galaxy Buds.

In the end, Consumer Reports named the Samsung headphones from the gadget more interesting and recommended Galaxy Buds to purchase.


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