For more than five years users continue to argue about which of the currently available smartphones are the most secure. With this question, the authors MarketWatch decided to contact the experts.

According to Jessica Ortega, there is a difference between the concepts of privacy and security. If you look at the existing mobile device from the point of view of data privacy, in this case, surpass Apple smartphones devices from Google.

The expert notes that the Android device can collect some data about the user, and then send them to Google server. This is done primarily to show users more relevant ads. However, this is not the only disadvantage of Android. Ortega notes that Google just pays less attention to vetting apps for its platform. For this reason, on Android there are many malicious programs. Apple in this respect is somewhat better.

Security specialist David Ginsburg as a whole supports the colleague. But he also notes that the protection of personal data very much depends on the user what application he uses, as relates to their security in the network, etc.


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