Specialists iFixit disassembled the updated MacBook Pro, which Apple introduced earlier this week. First of all they paid attention to the laptop keyboard, but rather the fact whether it was better withstand various stresses and dust.

Recall that shortly after the announcement of the new “proshek” it became known that Apple has slightly modified the mechanism of “Butterfly”, changing some materials. Cupertinos argued that this will help solve the problem of sticky keys.

According to experts iFixit, Apple has replaced silicon film that is supposed to protect the keys from garbage. Now it is made from nylon. How effective will be this innovation is not yet clear – it will take some time.

In addition, the cupertinos have changed the switches. IFxit experts suggest that when creating these modules, Apple used a slightly different process and a different alloy of metal. For more accurate insights required tests on special equipment, which iFixit no.

In the end, experts still find it difficult to definitely say how much better was the updated keyboard. Similarly, the question can only be answered after some time.


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