This estimation can be trusted.

Camera iPhone XS Max was named one of the best on the market. Previously, the quality of the photos made on the new flagship Apple been evaluated by the. ordinary users, but the last test was carried out by specialists DxOMark. Their verdict confirmed that Cupertino has seriously worked on the camera.

iPhone XS Max makes great photos and shoots video on the street with enough light. The experts noted good detail and color reproduction, fast autofocus, wide dynamic range, portrait mode, HDR and optical stabilization when shooting video.


Of the minuses — pictures of distant objects taken with a zoom worse of detail and contrast in images of objects in low light conditions noise.

In tests, the iPhone XS Max scored 105 points. In the DxOMark smartphone ranking took second place, behind Huawei P20 Pro triple main camera and 109 points. The result Samsung Galaxy Note9 amounted to 103 points. The ranking is not included iPhone XS, although the experts note that the camera is the 5.8-inch smartphone is identical. The quality of the taken photos and videos is about the same as on the iPhone XS Max.

Experts DxOMark doing for each tested smartphone about 1,500 photos. These images under controlled conditions in the laboratory, and also a photo under natural conditions, indoors and outdoors. Also recorded about 2 hours of video. When testing do not change the default settings of the camera to obtain the most accurate results.

Source: DxOMark


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