iPhone XS Max is the most technologically advanced smartphone of those that have ever released by Apple and therefore simply can not be cheap. Despite this, many believe that the Cupertino overestimate his creation by assigning to him the unjustified inflated price. However, only by knowing the value of the components underlying the smartphone begin to guess for what Apple is asking consumers with the money.

According to the report, researchers TechInsights, the cost of all components of the iPhone XS Max 256 GB memory, reaches to 443 USD. This amount is approximately $ 50 more than the one the experts rated parts for the original iPhone X.

The most expensive part of the iPhone XS Max

As was the case with last year’s “ten”, the most expensive components of the iPhone XS Max is its display. 6.5-inch OLED panel, having the perfect color and recognized as the best in the world, valued at approximately $ 80. However, it is slightly more expensive than the Apple cost iPhone display X, which was valued at 77,27 dollar. Such a small difference in price of components due to fewer parts that Apple used to implement a 3D Touch interface, saving about 10 dollars.

Chipset A12 Bionic, coupled with the modem from Intel to cost Apple $ 72 vs $ 66 from last year’s iPhone X. the Rise of the iconic components was associated with the rejection of Qualcomm solutions that are at a lower cost provided to Apple faster performance in LTE networks.

The iPhone camera XS Max

Special attention is given the iPhone camera XS Max has undergone several changes since the iPhone X. On her Apple spends only $ 44 to 42, the iPhone X, and given the significant hardware and software upgrade, which was conducted by engineers of the company managed to achieve a tremendous breakthrough.

Other expenses

  • Battery — $ 9
  • Wireless interfaces — $ 18
  • Integrated circuits — $ 23
  • Controllers — 14.5 dollar
  • Other electrician — $ 35
  • Case — $ 58
  • Test, Assembly, auxiliary materials — 24.5 dollar

The cost of the iPhone XS Max

Important: the cost components that comprise the iPhone XS Max, in any case can not be equated to the cost of a smartphone for Apple. In fact, in addition to spare parts, the manufacturer is forced to incur many other expenses for research, advertising, logistics, etc.


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