Russian teacher on average will need to save on a new iPhone for nearly five months, thus all the money, the study is based on data on salary offers Internet service “Avito Work” at the disposal of RIA Novosti.

Was used to analyze the new Apple iPhone models XS Max 512 GB worth 123 thousand rubles, as calculated by the service the average teacher salary in the country is 25 837 rubles.

“On average in Russia, the new iPhone will cost 4.8 teachers’ salaries. Thus, you can save for your smartphone maybe five months, if you put all of the monthly income completely”, — analysts say.

The experts also shared the cost of the smartphone on the average salary of a teacher in the regional context and found that the best situation for this indicator is observed in Moscow and St. Petersburg: the educators of these cities will be able to save up for a new smartphone for three and four months respectively.

Longer just to save money will have teachers from Voronezh, Saratov, Togliatti and Omsk. In Voronezh, according to “Avito”, the average teacher’s salary is 17 567 per month. Consequently, Voronezh teacher, putting all the money, can buy iPhone only seven months.

Almost as many will take the teacher from Saratov, receiving 17 874 rubles, 6.9 per month. The teacher from Tolyatti or Omsk earned his iPhone through 6.7 months. In these cities, teachers on average pay 18 18 408 and 404 of the ruble, respectively.

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