It became known that Apple sells the most. It turns out that the first line of sales is not iPhone, cable Lightning-to-USB 2.0 with a length of one meter. In second place are the wired Earpods. And the third Apple TV.

To find out were the data analyzed the largest network of electronics stores in the USA and Canada — Best Buy.

By the way, at the end of monitoring, none of the iPhone models not included in the list of the most popular sales, says “the Economy today”.

Earlier, the “Free press” reported that the cost of the iPhone SE fell to a record level in Russia. She fell 40 percent from suggested retail prices. Now the device with 32GB can be bought for 17 thousand rubles. Earlier, the price tag on an old model smartphone was 27 990 rubles.

Computer news: it Became known release date of new iPhone models


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