Before the release of iPhone 11 just over a month. The head of the Japanese operator SoftBank Ken Miyauchi decided not to torment people and to hint at the event for investors when we can expect the next smartphone from Apple.

But to start is to outline the background around which this event occurred. The fact is that Japan has recently adopted a revised law On telecommunications, which will enter into force on 1 October. So, the updated law will require operators to share the cost of mobile communication and the cost of the smartphone. This should end the practice of firms, when buyers iPhone impose tariffs, at inflated prices when purchasing a smartphone.

And so, when the President of SoftBank asked how his company plans to respond to the release of the new iPhone in September given that October 1 will come into force a new law, he replied:

”Honestly, I wonder how we can make it within 10 days. No, I’m not supposed to say that. But in any case, I don’t know when will the new iPhone,” said Miyauchi

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