Russian design can replace foreign software for computers and laptops in 6 of the 8 types of software, from research conducted at the Institute of development Internet (IRI). “Experts of the IRI revealed that in 6 of 8 categories of domestic development represent a decent alternative, with a number of national services already are more popular than foreign ones”, — analysts say. As follows from the data of the research, browsers Safari for MacOs and Microsoft Edge for Windows can replace “Yandex. Browser”, “Satellite” and “Rambler”. Alternatives to ICloud, and OneDrive can be “Yandex. Disc” and “Облако”. In the number of music services that can replace a computers ITunes and Pandora, entered “Yandex. Music”, Boom, and Zvooq. Messenger, designed to replace the computers the Russians iMessage, Facetime, Skype and Microsoft Messenger, ICQ and steel “tamtam”. The analysts acknowledged that the Russian counterparts are poorly represented in this category. Can compete with foreign analogues the digital television services — according to experts, Iran and “Amediateka” are alternatives to Apple TV and Movies&TV. The results of the survey will be sent to the Analytical center for the government of the Russian Federation, noted in Iran. Earlier, analysts IRI has conducted a study on alternatives to foreign applications for smartphones. Then the experts noted that the Russian application can replace foreign counterparts on smartphones Russian users in 9 out of 12 categories. On 18 July the Deputy of the state Duma Vladimir Gutenev, together with deputies of the state Duma Sergey Zhigareva, Oleg Nikolaev and Alexander Yushchenko submitted to the state Duma a bill banning the sale in Russia of Russian devices without pre-installed software, as well as draft amendments to the Code of administrative offences, involving the penalty of 200 thousand rubles for companies for such violations. The size of the proposed fines in the process of further work on the bill could be changed, reported earlier Gutenev RNS.

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