And this is the real reason.

In the coming years, prices for mobile communications in Russia will only increase. Moreover, the price increase should be expected from all operators “the big four”. Such unfavourable forecast was made by the analyst of the company “Opening Broker” Timur Nigmatullin.

According to experts, prices for mobile communications in Russia will increase due to the introduction of new regulatory requirements and increase the tax burden. As an example, the actions of regulators that directly and strongly affect the increase of the prices for cellular communication in Russia, the expert cited the impending increase in VAT to 20%.

Another reason can seriously affect the price of the operators is the abolition of domestic roaming. Despite resistance from the leading operators, the Federal Antimonopoly service’s happening. By September 1, 2018, roaming charges in Russia will be officially canceled, MTS, Beeline, MegaFon and Tele2. However, the fact that callers will no longer to pay extra for incoming calls outside your home area, would entail only short-term benefits.

However, there is positive news. Among the Russian mobile operators are now a serious competition. It encourages operators to introduce favorable to customers suggestions and restrains rampant rising prices. The situation for subscribers improves the activity of virtual operators that appear regularly in Russia.

Nevertheless, the final experts ‘ forecasts growth of prices for mobile communication in Russia in the next few years.


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