MOSCOW, June 20. /TASS/. The situation with the US authorities and China’s Huawei showed the relevance of the development of their own software (SOFTWARE) and development of high-tech production that does not depend on the decisions of other countries. This view was expressed by respondents TASS experts.

USA in mid-may in the framework of the presidential emergency decree for the protection of information and communication infrastructure of the country from foreign threats made by Huawei in the black list. In this regard, Google has partially suspended cooperation with Huawei, with up to 19 August software updates, including security systems, will remain available for Huawei devices. Will this situation to a complete break of business relations is not clear.

The issue of import substitution in the field of technology because of the situation with Huawei is being discussed at all stages of the country. On Thursday during a straight line President Vladimir Putin, the General Director of group of companies InfoWatch Natalya kasperskaya asked about the process of import substitution in the IT sector, which, in its opinion, has stalled.

In response, the President noted that in this context, the protection of critical infrastructure is extremely important. “We do this, we need to ensure that the internal market for these products, and we will push, even if it’s not very market methods,” Putin said.

He drew attention to non-market methods of competition in a situation with a Chinese company. “For example, Huawei admired, and then again, and slammed. So you need to keep in mind that in today’s world, unfortunately, often use non-market methods of competition”, — said the President.

To protect yourself

Overall, the situation speaks to the need for more active development of its own software and hardware, experts say, and the product must be competitive.

“We need to develop its operating system, money within the framework of the national project [Digital economy] to direct it,” said the former head of the Ministry of communications Nikolay Nikiforov on the sidelines of the conference Digital industry industrial Russia. In particular, he cited the example belonging “to Rostelecom” OS “Aurora”, noting that the development of the domestic mobile operating system should provide state subsidies.

However, to build their own ecosystem is not easy, and it will take time, said General Director of “New cloud” (MUSIC, focuses on developing office Suite apps “My office”), Dmitry Komissarov. “The country will need at least 10 years to form their own microelectronic industry, protected from foreign threats of sanctions”, — he explained.

According to the Executive Director of ARPP “national software” Renata Lapshin, the situation with Huawei is another confirmation of the fact that the state should encourage its IT industry. “And particular attention [should] approach the issue of import substitution BY the public sector and critical sectors of the economy,” he said.

What is already ready?

After the situation between Huawei and Google, the head of Rostelecom Mikhail Oseevsky declared that the company expects this summer to get a response from the government of the Russian Federation on the supply of tablets on the first domestic OS “Aurora” for the census in 2020. In addition, in mid-June, the newspaper “Kommersant”, reported that in September this year it is planned to produce the first commercial smartphones and tablets on Russian OS Astra Linux — one smartphone and two tablet is industrial grade, capable of working in extreme climatic conditions.

Interviewed by TASS, the experts note that such gadgets are promising for use in industrial purposes, but the developers have a tricky way to make smartphones and tablets Astra Linux familiar gadgets in the lives of ordinary Russians.

According to the head of the competence Center for import substitution in the field of information and communication technologies (ICT) Ilya Massukh a full-fledged mobile operating system is a complex technological product that needs to be adjusted to wider use. Agree with him and the General Director TelecomDaily Denis Kuskov, who noted that the question of whether these developments are the basis for a competitive domestic operating system in the future is still open.

However, about the possibility of using Russian software on Huawei devices previously reported TASS a source familiar with the details of the meeting between the Minister of the Russian Federation Konstantin Noskov and Deputy Chairman of the Board, chief Executive officer of Huawei Guo Ping. According to the interlocutor of the Agency, in addition to native OS “Aurora”, the meeting also discussed the Russian social network, search engine and antivirus software. Socks later in conversation with journalists confirmed that the Ministry is conducting negotiations on cooperation with a Chinese company in many areas.

Any changes in the demand for Chinese gadgets?

Experts note that the crisis between the two companies has not yet affected the popularity of the brand in Russia. According to the analytical holding GS Group in the first quarter of 2019 smartphones Huawei of China were the leaders by volume of supply in Russia, ahead of Samsung and Apple. The company increased shipments in January — March 2019 at 2.5% to 2.6 million units.

To research company International Data Corporation (IDC) also confirmed TASS that Huawei for this period of time was the leader on the Russian market of smartphones by number of devices with a share of 36.3%.

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