Apple almost do not grow, reports the newspaper “Izvestia”. This is the conclusion of the publication it is based on the results of the conducted Mail.Ru Research analysis of ads placed on the service “Yula”.

In particular, in the III quarter of the year, the manufacturers of IPhone have implemented 41.3 million of their gadgets, but it is only 1% more than the year before.

Today, the number of offers to purchase the place in the queue or pre-order much less compared to 2017, as compared to the second quarter of 2018-th the number of smartphones sold decreased by 21%.

In addition, a week before the official start of sales in Russia a new IPhone the number of queries on the Internet related to their purchase, he doubled. A year earlier in the seven days before the release of IPhone X the number of such requests has increased 30 times.

Experts believe that the market situation has developed because of the availability of the smartphone competitors, and also due to the lack of major changes in the new models of Apple.

Sales of its flagship models, Apple last week launched in many countries. Almost everywhere for news queues. For example, in Singapore, fans of Apple gadgets began to gather the day before the start. With a lot sun beds, umbrellas and some even suitcases.

28 September in Moscow went on sale in the two models. One will cost almost 88 thousand rubles, other — 97 thousand roubles. But this is budget options. Top of the range new iPhone is almost 128 thousand rubles.

To purchase a new iPhone in Russia and on pre-order. This year, according to analysts, the service has more active customers left on the website is 35% more applications than last year.

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