MTS Bank studied the dynamics of preferences of Russians when paying for goods and services with plastic cards and mobile contactless payment services. According to the study, the number of users of the services of Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay have doubled, and users of plastic — only 3%.

“The popularity of payment using smartphones and gadgets is growing in Russia due to the convenience and payment security, as well as the wide distribution in trade outlets and cash POS-terminals with contactless NFC readers… the Use of mobile payments continues to show rapid growth momentum and the number of operations from October 2018 to October 2019 increased almost twice, while the growth in construction amounted to only 11.2% and 18.4% respectively. In October 2019, the share of contactless mobile services in the total turnover of transactions on the cards increased to 18.1% from 12.3% a year earlier, while the share of transactions to 20.8% 14.2% respectively”, — stated in the release.

According to the financial institution, the amount of payments from one card through the services of contactless payment in October 2019 was 12.9 thousand rubles, compared with 12.7 thousand rubles a year earlier, with plastic — 10,1 thousand to 9.5 thousand rubles, respectively. Apple Pay is made 49% of the transactions, using Google Pay — 31% and Samsung Pay — 20%. For comparison: in October last year, Apple Pay accounted for 53%, Google Pay 25% and Samsung Pay — 22% of transactions.

“The growing popularity of contactless payment services to pay for travel on public transport 7.7% of transactions in October 2019 versus 5% in October 2018. Including more than three times increased the share of payments in buses (city and intercity passenger flights) — up to 2.9% from 0.9%, one and a half times the proportion of transactions for the taxi to 2.5% from 1.7%. Buying food in supermarkets and grocery stores, as well as payment in cafes and restaurants, as a year ago — the most popular payments. In October 2019, 63% of transactions are from smartphones and 54% with plastic made in these categories. A year earlier, these figures were 66% and 55% respectively,” concluded analysts at MTS Bank.

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