Users of Apple products conducted a phishing attack, said the experts of antivirus company Eset. “International antivirus company ESET has detected a new phishing campaign aimed at users of Apple products. Scammers sent out letters demanded that the recipients “verify” personal information after a recent restore access to your Apple ID”, — stated in the message of the company. As explained by experts, when you click on a link from an email user fell for a phishing site with data entry form disguised as an official Apple page. After entering e-mail and password from my account on the screen appeared the notification that is tied to an Apple ID card. Next the user was asked to “confirm information” to enter all personal information and credit card details. “ESET experts believe that the aim of the campaign is to obtain personal data and access to users’ Bank accounts. It is worth noting the targeting of attacks — the letter is aimed at users who have recently restored access to the Apple ID. Due to this, victims of phishing came to trust the fraudsters,” — is the antivirus company.

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