This was reported by the press service of the Ministry. First, the technique can start working “against” his master due to various malware. They are intended to keep track of all SMS messages, can duplicate personal Files such as phone numbers, photos and videos. The first rule, being necessary to the security of your files — you need to download apps only through the official services of the gadgets on the platform “Android” “Google Pay”, the devices from the company “Apple” — “AppStore”. Need to update the software constantly, not to allow access to all applications, photos and microphone. You need to check all the queries in the add-ons, and plug them only if you really need it. It is better to limit their use of audio messages. Less radial option is to not use your voice to use programs. We will remind, earlier the company “Apple” has eliminated technical error, which led to the tapping through the service “FaceTime.”

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