MOSCOW, may 20 — RIA Novosti. Consequences of the possible suspension of cooperation with Huawei, Google, in particular, the termination of the OS updates Android for Chinese smartphones, is still unclear, and do not panic, consider interviewed by RIA Novosti experts.

The U.S. Department of Commerce stated that it intends to make a Huawei in the black list for activities contrary to U.S. national security. Huawei in case of inclusion in the list will not, without the permission of the US authorities to buy the components and techniques of American manufacturers. Earlier on Monday Reuters, citing a source reported that Google has suspended cooperation with Huawei in the areas of transmission equipment, software and technical services except those that are publicly available under an open source license.

A Google spokesperson said that the company follows the legislation and analyzes the effects of the situation. Google also noted that the current owners of the devices Huawei will be able to continue to download updates of the apps. Also at the current devices will continue to run Google Play apps and Google Play Protect. Huawei, in turn, announced that it will continue to provide updates to the security system and after-sales service all existing products of the company.

According to analyst firm IDC, the global smartphone shipments in 2018 amounted to 1,404 billion pieces. While Huawei took third place, putting for the year 206 million smartphones, which is 33,6% more than in 2017. The company’s share on the market grew to 14.7% from 10.5% a year earlier. The head of the company “Svyaznoy and Euroset” Alexander Malis considers that while early to speak about what will happen. “It seems that will have to be a compromise, allowing the use of Android on Huawei devices”, — he told RIA Novosti.

Director, strategic communications Hi-Tech Anton Spiridonov noted that the failure of Google-cooperation and termination of update of Android OS on smartphones will really be a problem for Huawei. But as far as Google services (Maps, Pay, YouTube, Gmail and so on), these applications present in your own shop Huawei AppGallery, he added. “So the average user will not notice the changes at the OS level and its appearance, and the lack of some apps kompensiruet preset”, — assured the expert.

But there is an option to wait a couple of weeks with the purchase of Huawei and Honor devices, he said: “I Think such a period is sufficient to China has formed a package of retaliatory protective measures for American companies, including Apple and Tesla. It is no secret that almost the entire reserve of rare earth metals mined in China, and a ban on the use of the Apple will hit much stronger than the rejection of the Google services and updates. And then already on the basis of reciprocity restrictions can be removed. It all depends on the response of China, and to panic it is too early”.

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