The smartphone market is at risk not see worthy alternatives Face ID almost until the middle of next year, reports Loup Ventures, citing industry sources. This is due to the fact that Apple bought almost all the stocks of VCSEL lasers, components of a hardware-based interface Face ID, until December 2018.

If we consider that the supply of VCSEL components are still very limited, there is every reason to believe that Apple has secured orders most manufacturers until at least the end of this year, says Loup Ventures. The increase in the number of orders associated with the expansion of the range iPhone with support for Face ID and adapt technology face recognition for iPad new generation.

Face ID on Android

Attempts to develop an analogue Face ID have been several different manufacturers of smartphones running Android. The whole of last year were entering the market solution that identifies users based solely on software algorithms, showing a very mediocre level of security.

Hardware methods of face recognition in the camp of Android devices began to appear only in this year. However, as shown, they are still far from perfect, being unable to read the volume, and in some cases even identify users of European appearance.


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