Your tape also consists of 70% elderly people? Surprising, because the FaceApp application is again in trend. Nevertheless, researchers in the field of cybersecurity has any questions for the developers regarding the extent of the confidentiality and security of user data.

The first issue related to background downloading your photos to the cloud developers. CEO Guardian App will Streach and researcher Baptiste Robert analyzed the application and concluded that the evidence background download photos user no.

The second question arose because of the possibility to choose the photo on the device, without first giving the application the appropriate access. This was reported by an employee of Mashable’s Karissa bell.

“Is it does not need access to photos?”, writes bell, attaching a video which demonstrates a moot point.

In fact, Apple has in iOS 11 provided to applications the ability to upload one photo without having to request access to the entire gallery. This is useful in case of downloading the avatar.

And the last question pertains to the loading of the processed photos to the cloud. Here the problems are two — first, the FaceApp not even warn the user that their photos are uploaded to third-party cloud, and second, it is unclear whether the developers leave photos or deleted immediately after processing.

FaceApp representatives have not yet responded to these questions. Experts recommend to use the app with caution. That certainly should be done before you can use it to delete all screenshots from your personal or billing information.

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