Moscow, February 26 — “News. Economy.” Before Facebook founder mark Zuckerberg is a task — to figure out how to change the future.

Every year he sets himself a complex task such as, for example, to learn a new language or to change their diet. This year he wants to start working with “major social issues facing Facebook and the entire Internet as a whole.”

“This year my goal is to organize a series of discussions about the future of technology and the Internet and how it will affect our society,” he said.

His promise he made after his company experienced a difficult year. Facebook accused of illegal use of personal information once it became known that the company shares user data with company Cambridge Analytica.

Subsequent reports showed how deeply Facebook is studying and keeps track of user preferences, as well as their nationality, religion and political beliefs.

Despite the fact that Zuckerberg made promises to improve the platform and keep the data collection process, experts in the field of security remain skeptical-minded, and the company will check on how it uses user data.

Experts in the security field make assumptions about what could be changed.

Coordination center date brokers lately, especially after the scandal with Cambridge Analytica, Zuckerberg and other Facebook representatives went to the so-called “apology tour.”

Experts believe that Zuckerberg needs to stop making reckless statements that he and his team are working on the problem of data security and content.

For starters, the company introduced tens of thousands of employees who will track the problems and solve them, however, according to experts, it gives an understanding of exactly how Facebook intends to solve the serious problems that have arisen in the past 18 months.

The company promised to give users more control over their data, but actually has very little to do, experts say.

In may 2018 was repealed by the access to user data to third-party applications, and in addition, settings have been added, which helped to understand what data is collected.

In January 2019 Apple CEO Tim cook said that the necessary large-scale testing and upgrading to save data of Americans and businesses safe.

He proposed a coordination center for data-brokers, which will allow people to see what data is collected, as well as give the opportunity to ask you to remove some data.

To create a precedent for other companies how Facebook works with data security issues and concerns clients, could have an impact on the rest of the world, analysts say.

Limit targeted advertising and give users greater control over their data is a step in the right direction, they suggest.

As the audience of the social network has more than 1.7 billion people, the company has enormous opportunities.

In the fourth quarter of 2018, the revenue Facebook made $16.91 billion, compared with the third quarter of $13.73 billion

Experts say that you need to build a reputation as a company that respects its users ‘ data and thus provides opportunities for targeted advertising, making it from an ethical point of view correctly, it will be necessary balance.

To change the business model, While Facebook is a free social network and gets most of the profit by selling user data, it is unlikely that the company will make any global changes to its business model, experts say.

A number of experts notes that it is possible to make a profit, not selling user data or at least giving users a part of the profit.

Data that are sold by large companies, usually sold for $44 billion a year, and users in exchange get nothing but the free use of the social network.

In recent years there have been nearly a dozen companies that allowed users to directly sell their data to companies. Among these companies — Datum and Digi.Me.

Experts believe that Facebook could introduce premium accounts for those who do not want their data leaked outside of the social network.

To work in the interests of a user In his recent speech, Zuckerberg said that he always tries to work in the interests of users, but he admitted that he always understands what that means.

Experts note that in the case of social networks, in which the priority of the clients, we are talking about data protection and the transfer of control to users themselves. Furthermore, the necessary transparency and control over data usage.

Some solutions have already been proposed. So, Competition and Consumer Commission of Australia recently suggested that the required controller algorithm that will be able to request information about how a machine learning algorithm Facebook distributes content.

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