TALLINN, 30 Jan — Sputnik. Facebook offers users a social network to participate in the study, under the terms of which they must provide the administration access to their personal data for a small fee, the newspaper found out TechCranch.

According to the portal, in 2016 the social network pays study participants aged 13 to 35 years about $ 20 a month for access to a number of their personal data. To do this, users need to install a special application through which the administration can obtain access, including to the conversations in the chats, photos and videos, emails, browser history, and geotagging.

According to experts on cyber security will Strafaci, it is difficult to say what information interested in Facebook, but offer the app gets virtually unlimited access to the device on which it is installed.

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It is noteworthy that, according to TechCranch, the program is managed through the platform beta testing Applause, uTest and BetaBound is done in order to mask a direct relationship with Facebook. In some documents this study is referred to as the Atlas project (Atlas Project).

Facebook has confirmed the existence of the program, stressing that we are talking about a standard market research. The representative of the Corporation said that the social network uses the personal data exclusively to improve their services.

After the material TechCranch, it became known that the IOS version of the infamous app was unexpectedly removed from the Apple store. It is unknown whether this is due to some violations. The Android version remains available.

Unknown, did participation in the study users are from Estonia. However, to provide access to your personal information, as practice shows, it is possible and absolutely unconscious, the victim of cyberhawks. As they wrote in Sputnik Estonia, this story happened to a couple of Astanatelecom in November last year.

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Fraudulent scheme, the victims of which they became, was the fact that the user has received notification from the alleged security Facebook in which he warned of the imminent lock his account if he does not confirm your data. To do is offered by clicking on the link in the message. The link actually led to malicious software that steals account access.

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