TASS, November 15. American Corporation Facebook collaborated with Definers Public Affairs, which had placed the critical articles about Google and Apple related news online. On Wednesday said in its investigation the newspaper the New York Times, interviewed more than 50 current and former employees of Facebook, as well as government officials.

According to the publication, Facebook has hired Definers to track dedicated to the corporations articles in the press, however, expanded the firm in light of the scandal with the collection of personal data of tens of millions of users of social networks by the British company Cambridge Analytica. Then Apple CEO Tim cook made the criticism of Facebook, indicating that the invasion of privacy is a violation of human rights that, according to the newspaper, raised the IRE of the founder of the social network of Mark Zuckerberg. After that, associated with the Definers news resource NTK Network appeared dozens of critical articles about Google and Apple. In one of them, in particular, statements by cook were called hypocritical, because Apple also collects a large amount of personal data of its users.

Definers were also trying to discredit others, spoke out against Facebook, in particular American billionaire George Soros, who in January of this year stated that Google and Facebook have cornered the market, impede innovation and create a dependency on services that they offer.

After the material publication of The New York Times Facebook has stopped cooperation with the Definers, according to the source Newspapers. He also pointed out that mark Zuckerberg and CEO of Facebook Sheryl Sandberg did not know about the tasks that the firm did for the social network.

In an official statement, the company denied that he had ordered Definers Public Affairs critical articles. “The assumption that we asked Definers to pay [to third parties] for articles or write them on behalf of Facebook or spread false information, incorrect, — the newspaper quotes the statement of the representative of Facebook. Relations [company Definers] Facebook press was well known, not least due to the fact that they repeatedly sent out invitations to hundreds of journalists at an important event on our behalf”.

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