20 July 2018 the Google blog has published an article, according to which leading companies will join forces to make it easier for users to upload images from one resource to another.

Reported to Google, a similar project emerged in 2007. Then over its implementation worked a small group of engineers. In 2011, the Corporation launched a Takeout service in which users can retain copies of data stored in different formats. Now this service transformirovalsya in Data Transfer Project with open source.

“Data Transfer Project is an initiative for creating a service with open source, designed to attract as many services. It will expand the possibilities for data transfer by reducing the load on the infrastructure for both service providers and users, which in turn will lead to the emergence of new services. The protocols and methodology Project Data Transfer allow the transfer of data from service to service, or directly to the user,” reads the project description.

The initiative is already supported by Facebook, Microsoft and Twitter. This means that to transfer a photo published on one of these resources, on the other will become much simpler. Users will also be able to use one account to login to various services to share necessary content and transfer selected media library automatically.

At the moment, the company discuss how it will operate the project. For a wide range of subscribers, this initiative will be available soon.


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