Social network Facebook has introduced a new setting in the Android application, allowing users to disable location tracking in the background. If you enable this option in the “Journal of GEODATA”, the program will be denied access to the geolocation data, while it is not on the screen.

Feature of Android is that users can either permanently block application access, or allow it at any time. A new setting allows you to make location is determined only while using Facebook. Owners of iOS devices don’t do anything: Apple platform and so allows you to disable the program access to location when it is running in the background.

“Location information allows people to use Facebook to find events nearby, to see ads relevant to their interests, noting that they are safe in crisis situations and share information with friends about favorite places, told the news.Hi-tech in a press-service of the company. — Location data also helps Facebook to see if user account is hacked.”

The new setting comes a week after CNBC reported that the internal security service used the Facebook access to location data to follow the trainees do not appear to work, and users who may pose a threat to employees of the company.

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