US authorities demand from Mark Zuckerberg to give intelligence agencies the ability to view users ‘ messages.

Law enforcement agencies want to access encryption keys to keep track of correspondence with specific users in the course of investigation or while trying to prevent them.

Facebook rejected the demand of the government to defend its position in court. The trial is closed to outsiders, so now no public materials not published.

The process is still in its infancy, and has not led to any significant changes in legislation. If the court decides in favor of the state, it will have a significant impact on other applications. This choice will set a precedent, and intelligence agencies will use it to decrypt and other instant messengers.

As in the case of Telegram, the government was faced not only with the moral problem (since users have the right to secret correspondence), but also technical. Modern encryption cannot be bypassed, without changing the application code. The same applies to other messengers.


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