According to Techcrunch, many American users of the application Facebook noticed the message that soon the social network will disappear of news feeds, configured for the individual lists of friends.

This feature was very popular people with a large number of subscribers. They could filter out the message Board, post and view content intended for a specific group of individuals. It is possible to make Facebook account more personalized and private.

But soon this feature will be disabled. For some users it was not available on 9 August, 2018 other changes will be in later.

Guide Facebook decided to focus on the core news channel. But the user can still customize and edit lists of friends.

Representatives of the social network say that the earlier settings are changed personal tapes was difficult because of what most users have never created any friend list. Therefore, Facebook has a “smart” lists, which are compiled automatically based on the profile data.

Services algorithms evaluate which category can be attributed to a subscriber, maybe it’s a colleague or a former classmate, a neighbor or acquaintance with whom the user has a common hobby.

Thus, Facebook allows people to spend more time on communication, and not performing any complicated settings.

“We are closing this infrequently used function, to focus on improving the main news tape.

On the one hand, people will not be able to view the custom feeds from friends, on the other, they will still be able to create and edit lists of friends and to share things only with selected categories when publishing content to Facebook. In addition to these parameters, they can also customize the news feed, choosing which records they want to see in the first place, or hide posts that they don’t want to see,” — said the press service of Facebook.


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