WASHINGTON, June 12. /TASS/. The American company Facebook within the market research with the aim of improving its own products to collect data about which third-party applications used by smartphone owners.

“Today we are launching the app for the market research Study. Anyone who uses the program will receive remuneration for participation in the study” — said in a press release published Tuesday on the website Facebook. The amount of compensation is not specified.

According to the company, the Study needed to collect the minimum amount of information that Facebook needs “to create better products.” The program, in particular, will obtain and analyze information about which applications are installed on mobile devices and how much time they spend for them. However, as assured in Facebook, Study does not collect information about passwords, and private photos, videos and posts of research participants.

First, the application will be available in Google play in the US and India, but with time, as expected, it will be able to download the inhabitants of other countries.

Another attempt

Facebook is not the first time launches a program to collect data on user preferences. In August last year, the American manufacturer of electronic devices, Apple has forced the social network to remove from the online store AppStore its VPN service Onavo Protect by which Facebook tracked which apps are popular among subscribers.

In the beginning of this year the online portal TechCrunch published the results of its own investigation, according to which Facebook in 2016 paid users aged 13 to 35 years old for $20 a month for the installation of a VPN service Facebook Research that gives the company access to information such as messages in social networks and instant messengers, e-mail, browsing activity and location. Then Apple withdrew from the social networking corporate the certificates of the developers, depriving her of her right not only to disseminate Research Facebook through the App Store, but also to create apps for internal use in the company on the mobile platform Apple.

In February, TechCrunch reported that Facebook has decided to stop the use of tracking subscribers gadgets free programs for market research.

The scandal of the Cambridge Analytica

In the United States in recent times, with special attention to issues concerning the collection and retention of personal information users working in the Internet companies. One of the reasons for this was the scandal at the center of which was the social network Facebook. It broke out after in March 2018 The New York Times reported that the British company Cambridge Analytica managed to collect the personal information of tens of millions of Facebook subscribers is to develop an algorithm for analysis of political preferences of voters. As told to former employees of the organization created by the algorithm facilitates the users mailing political advertising to influence their choice.

The head of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg had to attend two hearings in the U.S. Congress. The owner assured us lawmakers that the social network will be more careful to handle personal information.

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