At the beginning of last month, Apple unveiled its new flagship smartphone — iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max. The price of the latter, incidentally, starts from 1099 dollars, but the production of the device itself is not costing the company at such a high price. But how much is the production of one iPhone 11 Pro Max is a specialists have found out from the portal TechInsights.

The most expensive component of the smartphone is a triple main camera — its cost amounted to 73.5 dollars. The following cost of a new iPhone is AMOLED display, the price of which is already 66.5 dollars. Immediately after the screen goes branded processor, the Apple A13 — which was valued at $ 64. Assembly of all components into a single device costs presumably at $ 21 per unit — not much difference between those, it is made in Foxconn in China or somewhere in India, no.

According to estimates, the total cost of manufacturing one iPhone 11 Pro Max complete Apple 490,5 dollars, accounting for 45% of the amount that the company asks for the smartphone in the retail sector. But the remaining 608,5 dollars is hard to call a net profit — the cost of the device also include salary costs of employees, engineers, advertising costs and other costs. How much the company ultimately earns from each iPhone — unknown.

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