Pablo made the stickers very similar to these AirPods headphones. They are even the same size. Seeing one of them, people are experiencing light horror, thinking, I accidentally dropped one of my headphones and then start to fumble in the pockets and to feel their ears.

Those who have no AirPods also do the trick, thinking that he had found a valuable thing and trying to tear off the sticker from the curb. To observe this, probably, very funny, as a child, when were very popular joke with a purse on the line, thrown to the pavement: the man was bent to a happy discovery, but it immediately jumped to the side — often people do not immediately understand that you have been a victim of a prank.

Now the jokes changed a bit, and lime AirPods can suddenly appear on the sidewalks of your city as Pablo Rochat posted templates stickers original AirPods and AirPods Pro on your website. Jokers you only have to download them, print and cut. There you will also find ideas for other harmless jokes.

Pablo Rochat designer from Atlanta (USA), who worked at Microsoft, Tinder, and Apple, who became famous for his creative posts in Instagram and I found a way to turn the storis into interactive games that are seriously addictive.

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