Criminals have developed a new method of fraud associated with the search results for phone support. Criminals deceive users by using voice assistants, according to the Better Business Bureau.

Criminals will create fake support of well-known companies and pay for placement on the first page of search results. The user is at home requests a voice assistant or a smart device that uses this technology, to find a phone number for this company, and instead of the correct number, the assistant automatically dials the phone number of the scammer.

One of the first victims of the fraudulent scheme was a woman who decided to call a major airline to change a seat. Voice assistant associated it with criminals posing as company representatives. As a result, the victim is tricked to pay $400 for gift cards under “promotions”.

Another victim used the voice assistant Siri from Apple for the technical support of your printer, but got to number of scams.

According to experts, there is no easy way to counter this kind of fraud, because the voice assistants depend on search engines to ensure reliable results.

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