Apple has already completed the construction of its new campus, which lasted several years. However, the iPhone maker is not the only one who spent a lot of time to Apple Park existed. Fan of LEGO Spencer R. about two years worked on the reduced copy of Apple’s new campus. For the construction of Apple Park LEGO enthusiast took about 85 000 cubes.

Spencer R. is not the first time collects large-scale structures from LEGO. However, in most cases it creates skyscrapers. But in 2016 enthusiast literally came up with the idea to recreate a Grand campus of Apple from LEGO.

For the project, he spent about two years. But enthusiast still managed to build a fairly exact copy of the Apple Park. It is noteworthy that Spencer R. was built of LEGO is not only in the main building of the new campus, but a large part of the adjacent territory with trees, bushes, buildings, etc. According to the author, Apple Park built around the scale of 1/650.

It is worth noting that in the past fans have already built a copy of the new Apple campus. For example, over the past couple of years had created at least two virtual version Apple Park in the popular game Minecraft. In both cases, enthusiasts are not confined to the grounds and buildings of the campus. They have also paid increasing attention to the interiors of virtual buildings.


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