Manufacturers of desktop computers and laptops may require you to preset the Russian software sold in the country of the device. This initiative, electronics manufacturers, operating systems, and Russian Internet companies will be discussed at the meeting in the FAS on 25 January, told RNS the head of Department of regulation of communications and information technologies of the FAS Elena zaeva.

Previously it was only about the Russian preset apps on smartphones and tablets.

“In the fall of the Federal Antimonopoly service has gathered a working group for implementation of the Executive order of the government the road map on competition development, which provides for the event (pre-Russian apps on smartphones — RNS). Accordingly, the FAS sent to members of the working group concept in which it was proposed to define classes of devices, which will be subject to developing requirements. The working group submitted their proposals, after which, of the many types of devices have left several smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktop computers,” reported RNS zaeva.

She said that on 25 January in the FAS Russia held a meeting of the working group, in which in particular will be discussed the list of devices that may be required to preinstall the Russian apps and programs.

“While we have in concept only these devices, but the members of the working group, no one bothers to declare the need for expansion or contraction of this list. This question now is open and active discussion,” concluded zaeva.

The representative of the Association of electronics manufacturers (RATEK) Anton Guskov RNS confirmed that he had received a letter of invitation to the meeting January 25. RATEK will represent the interests of the largest manufacturers of laptops, computers, smartphones and operating systems, including Apple, Samsung, Google, HP, Dell, Huawei and others. According to him, the Association will present its position after the meeting.

The introduction of mandatory Preinstallation of software on laptops and computers — quite an effective measure for the transition to the domestic, the Director of the competence Center for import substitution in the field of ICT Ilya massukh. However, according to him, it is necessary to consider all the details, so as not to harm the market and users.

“Of course, it is necessary to preset so that the choice to use was for the user to have the ability to add, remove applications, and so on. They should be removed for users. Moreover, the preset should not have to bear an additional price burden. If we’re talking about preinstalling a free product, for example, browser, then we have quite good browsers domestic — “Yandex. Browser”, “Satellite. Browser”, maybe some more will appear. They do not carry additional financial burden, however, the decision on the preset popularitybut domestic software — many users just don’t know that there are some other browsers in addition to Internet Explorer,” — said Massukh.

Pre-Russian software for smartphones and tablets is included in the road map on competition development in Russia in 2018 — 2020, approved by government in August last year. The bill must be paid no later than April 2019, according to the document.

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