FAS has not yet determined the amount of the fine for the Russian “daughter” of Samsung on coordination of prices of gadgets, told reporters the head of the FAS Igor Artemyev.

“Yet, as far as I know,” — said Artemyev, the question of whether the penalty for the Russian “daughter” of Samsung.

At the end of April, the Commission FAS has recognized the Russian subsidiary of Samsung was guilty on the grounds of coordination for smartphones, reported the press service of the FAS.

“On 22 April 2019, the Commission of the FAS of Russia recognized the “Samsung Elektroniks Rus KOMPANI” guilty of violating part 5 article 11 of the law. The company coordinated economic activity of JSC “Vympelkom”, JSC “RTK”, JSC “Svyaznoy logistics”, OOO “Eldorado”, MVM, OOO, NAO, “Hardware”, “mobile logistics”, JSC “Tekhnopoint”, OOO “Network Messenger”, OOO “Sitilink”, “CSN Retail”, “PHONE” and LLC “Otkrytye tekhnologii””, — noted in press service.

The regulator filed a case against the Russian “daughter” of the Korean manufacturer of smartphones in early February on signs coordination for smartphones and tablets. Prior to that, the FAS conducted unscheduled inspection in respect of the company.

“The results of the analysis of the information received, the FAS Russia identified the signs of OOO “Samsung Elektroniks Rus KOMPANI” part 5 of article 11 of the Law on protection of competition, expressed in the coordination of economic activities of Samsung Resellers, which led to the establishment and maintenance of prices on a number of smartphones and tablets” — said the FAS.

Then we talked about 15 models of Samsung devices including the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy Tab And 7.0.

In March 2017, the FAS has recognized the Russian “daughter” of the Apple is guilty of coordinating the prices of iPhone 5 and 6 series, in July, the service has fined an employee of the company on 20 thousand roubles.

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