The Federal Antimonopoly service has postponed until the end of October the case against the American company Apple, reported by RNS in a press-service FAS. “Hearing postponed for additional materials. The next consideration will be scheduled for the end of October,” — noted in press service. In early August the Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) initiated a case against the American company Apple after complaints of “Kaspersky Lab”, told RNS the head of Department on communications of the FAS Elena zaeva. Complaint to FAS on the Apple was sent by “Kaspersky Lab” on March 19 of this year. As explained then in a press-service anti-virus company, claims concerning the actions of Apple in relation to app Kaspersky Safe Kids for iOS. Last year, Apple notified the representatives of the antivirus company that the application does not meet the requirements of the app store. “Before, no questions to Kaspersky Safe Kids in this respect, the Apple didn’t have it for about three years was located in the App Store and satisfied all the conditions”, — noted in “Kaspersky Lab”. That same day Deputy head of the FAS Anatoly Golomolzin has confirmed RNS the receipt of a complaint, the Russian anti-virus company. He reminded that FAS has considered case about creation of conditions for access to the market dominant players, Google, Microsoft. “Our goal is to provide the conditions for effective competition in the market,” summed up then the Golomolzin. In “Kaspersky Lab” also did not exclude the possibility of filing complaints against Apple in the BRICS countries and the EU. Apple later commented on the claims of the FAS, expressing confidence that the investigation of the FAS confirmed the all American Apple equal opportunities for all application developers in the App Store. The company also reminded that Apple has recently updated the recommendations for applications with parental controls and worked with initiated the investigation FAS “Laboratories of Kaspersky” to bring the Kaspersky Safe Kids in accordance with the rules.

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