“We knew the monopoly and privileges of the past, but had never seen such giants as today.” The words of the American Senator John Sherman, uttered in 1890, has not lost its relevance. The laws are the Sherman and Clayton became a model for antitrust regulation around the world. But today in the USA were born the giants of the new Millennium — “digital monopoly” of Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook.

This means that the fundamental principles of competition law needs to be revised, said Deputy head of FAS Russia Anatoly Golomolzin. His authorship belongs to a unique comparative analysis of historical aspects of development of legislation in the field of protection of competition in our country and in the United States. As it turned out, in Russia, antitrust legislation appeared half a century earlier than in the US.

But in our country these really progressive laws were unable to prevent the dominance of cartels and monopolies. “This is not mentioned in the history books, do not write in the textbooks on Economics. And it would be necessary, says the author of the study. Very short was the path from illegal syndicates and trusts to the socialization of trade and production after the October revolution of 1917.”

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