Recently Federal Antimonopoly service has proposed to force all smartphone makers to preinstall the Russian application reports “Kommersant”.

If the new amendment all like it, then it will be spring 2019. Some companies have already managed to comment on the proposal of the FAS – they believe that the preset will affect the final cost of the devices.

According to the representative RATEK Anton Guskov, the market should self-regulate and he is doing well. Such laws violate the natural course of competition and prevent firms.

Through an amendment of the Federal Antimonopoly service wants to increase the share of Russian smartphone applications. It should affect browsers, e-mail, music players and other utilities, which is analogue on the Russian market.

Even if the proposed law is passed, many large corporations like Apple and Google, it just does not respond – they never pre-installed third-party apps on their devices.

The Russian government periodically attempts to interfere in the work of IT companies. For example, recently on complaint of the management of “Yandex”, the FAS has ordered Google to stop preset limit third-party applications.


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